We provide consulting and placement services
for High Functioning Individuals with Autism (ASD).

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Application – Only individuals with high functioning autism are accepted into this program. IT Talent Placement strongly recommends that people Read More

wanting to participate in the IT Talent program should have undergone an evaluation assessment to understand what the person’s strengths and weaknesses are. Individuals in this program must be willing to obtain gainful employment and be motivated.

Initial Meeting – Once the evaluation assessment has been completed then the individual meets with a counselor for an initial meeting. During this meeting we will cover:

  1. The individual strengths and weaknesses.
  2. The individual’s job preference and dislikes.
  3. We will cover an initial interview questionnaire based on the contents of the CV submitted.
  4. Counselor assesses the individual’s capacity to enter the work market. This will take place by having numerous meeting exchanges with our team of mental health professionals. After taking into consideration the discussions with the professionals the councillor will asses the type of employment the candidate can realistically meet.

Profile Setup – This stage is extremely important because it the preparation for the work force. Therefore, we will cover the following steps:

  1. Revise with the candidate the cv that they have in hand
  2. Work on creating a marketable CV
  3. Discuss different labour markets and their demands
  4. Guidance with career decisions based on capacity and personal choice
  5. Personalized employment integration plan


Areas of Expertise


Job Interview Role Play – This stage prepares the individual to understand the different work markets and practice on handling an interview. Read More

  1. Conduct job interview role play.
  2. Revise the cv and go over potential interview questions.
  3. Learn about the different industries and what kind of employment they can offer.
  4. Assist in career choices by revising job demands and capabilities.
  5. Help develop techniques and strategies through volunteer work/training/courses or internship.
  6. Professional and specialized services with the team support to strengthen areas that are weak and to help focus on the strengths.
  7. Application handling
  8. Coaching and development support

Partnership Opportunities


IT Talent Placement is looking to develop long lasting partnerships with equal opportunity employers. We believe in giving individuals whom Read More

are on the high functioning autism spectrum the opportunity of demonstrating their talent while acquiring a quality of life. IT Talent looks forward to providing both the employer and the employee the support it requires to have a mutually satisfying working relationship between one another.

If you as an employer are interested and would like to help individuals with high functioning autism acquire quality of life while providing your corporation incredible talent, please sent us a message.


Training and development


Preparation and Integration - During the preparation and integration stages we will enter the final steps that will allow the candidate to obtain Read More

a successful career start.

  1. Finalize cv and cover letter
  2. Pinpoint and finalize eligibility to various subsidy or training programs
  3. Recruiting and researching different employers
  4. Negotiating integrating plans to facilitate both candidate and employer for the workplace entry
  5. Visits to potential employers
  6. Produce a plan for ongoing support throughout the job search process


Job Placement – Is also part of the final steps in securing that the candidate has all the necessary support to ensure a successful integration experience into the workforce.

  1. Accompaniment and support through the job opportunity placement phase
  2. Programs to help develop employability skills (either in the form of training, courses, shadowing or volunteering)
  3. Possibilities for Subsidized or Non-subsidized positions

The secret to successful hiring is this:
look for the people who want to change the world.

- Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO

About us

IT Talent Placement is a resource that helps place individuals with high functioning autism into the work place. In collaboration with our partners, we form a specialized team helping individuals with high functioning autism to improve their career Read More


Our Team provides well rounded support to its candidates. All individuals have access to all the resources necessary to help them succeed at integrating into the working market. We follow and support our candidates by providing them a coach to assure their continued growth and development.

IT Talent Placement is seeking to develop partnerships with equal opportunity employers that are willing to help us place high functioning individuals with autism into the workplace.

The Collaborating Team & The Career Center

IT Talent Placement is part of a center that has teamed up with qualified professionals to formulate the career center structure. The structure that has been put in place has been designed to assure that the individual Read More

with ASD is supported in the areas of need.


IT Talent Placement works with a team of professionals and together we keep up with the latest research studies regarding autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We are trained to understand ASD and focus on developing and empowering individuals with ASD in Read More

their areas of talent to prepare them for the workplace.

We believe that if an ASD candidate is placed in the right career path the results will be satisfying for both the candidate and stakeholder.

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    Patricia Lucarelli - CEO

    (514) 743-5371

    Founder and president of IT Talent Placement in 2015, who formerly used to place individuals in the information Technology industry has decided to change her efforts toward empowering and supporting individuals with high functioning autism find satisfying careers and work opportunities. Patricia’s passion and dedication for helping individuals with autism began because she understood the lack of resources that are available for these talented individuals is what drives her to become the voice and advocate on their part. Her focus and vision are on “Making a difference when it comes to quality of life for individuals with autism.”

    Patricia is a highly motivated entrepreneur and carries 20 years of business experience. She is vice-president of a non-profit charitable organization and collaborates with a team of professionals who together keep up with the latest research studies regarding autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The team is trained to understand ASD and focus on developing and empowering individuals with ASD in their areas of talent to prepare them for the workplace.

    She and her team are highly recommended for professional and strategic partner/relationship development. Together they are committed to finding the perfect fit for both clients needs and candidate aspirations.

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